• Kate Clinton

Happy Mother's Day

Colossians “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for Lord rather than for people.”

“All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” -Abraham Lincoln

Do you ever tire of doing the same old chores everyday without any accolades, or is that just me? Mothers do a lot of hard jobs that never really get any recognition. With Mother's Day fast approaching, I wanted to be your cheerleader for the day.

Here's a fist bump for that nasty diaper change. Without you, Mom, that little one would be getting some nasty diaper rash. Here's a high five for putting your hand into a pair of stained and really smelly baseball pants to pull them the right way to get those stains out. I see you, Mom, feeding those kids for what seems 100s of times a day. They are growing and healthy because of you. Here is a “you are so awesome, Mom” for doing those 3 am feedings. You are looking beautiful by the way. Here's a standing ovation for keeping track of all those allergies your little ones may have.

I see you, Mom. I see you clipping little fingernails. Feeding the dog. We all know that dog wouldn't be alive without you. Dressing wounds and treating creepy warts. I see you changing sheets covered in barf. I see you keeping the showers stocked with soaps and shampoos and helping teenagers treat acne. I see you taking your little ones to the dentist and the doctor and the orthodontist. I see you scrubbing the stove after your teenager attempts to make a meal and having uncomfortable talks about important subjects. I see you in the rain at the ball games and keeping those uniforms clean and ready in a days notice. I see you kissing foreheads and wiping away tears. I see you being the family photographer and planning all those parties. And I see you getting up every morning and doing it all over again with no one saying any “Thank-yous.”

Here's a pat on the back for surviving a temper tantrum and not loosing it yourself. Here's a “way to go Mom” for being the world's greatest taxi driver, shuttling those kids here, there and everywhere. Another high five for not loosing your children in the crowd; because you are the only one keeping track of the kid that likes to wander. A pat on the back for attempting to have a conversation with a teenage boy who answers only in grunts. A fist bump for the Mom leading a teenage girl through the hard teenage years. Here's high five for the Mom putting those kids above herself, even to the point of exhaustion. I see you. Here's to the Mom who is on her knees, praying for her children.

Here's to the Working-Mom. To the Stay-at-Home Mom. To the Work-from-Home Mom.

Because of you, the world is ticking. Mouths are fed. Clothes are clean. Homes are safe. Memories are made. Kids are growing up with rules and discipline. You are a world changer, Mom.

God sees you. He sees your sacrifice for your little ones. For His little ones that He has entrusted to you. And He is cheering you on. He notices the unnoticed. He appreciates the unappreciated. His heart is moved by your care. So keep on, Moms. Day by day. Week by week. Year by year. Child by child. What you are doing is making a world of difference. You do it without much recognition. No applause. No high fives. Just love.

Happy Mother's Day!!!

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