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Does God Care About My Everyday Prayers?

I have dealt with IBS issues for years. When I turned 40, it became more of a problem than an occasional hindrance. I guess everything does start going downhill after 40! I was missing school events because of it. I was scared to go to one of my children's ball game if I didn't know what the bathroom situation was. Where there real restrooms or the scary porta-potty that has festered weird smells in the Virginia heat? Ingeniously located right behind the bleachers for all to hear the gassy symphony that accompanies IBS?

I set out on a mission to start cutting out common food allergens. I tried numerous new medications the doctor suggested. None of those really worked. I have cut out dairy, gluten and fruit. Eating isn't fun anymore. But I still get to cook all those delicious foods I can't eat for my family. Only to watch them slowly nibble them as if they were staring in a commercial aimed to make everyone in the world want that food. “Oh this is so delicious.” As I eat my white rice with no butter. “Wow you should try this! Oh wait, you can't.” As I nibbled on my carrot.

I also starting praying numerous times a day for healing. Then I talked with a friend who has a daughter dealing with epilepsy and seizures. After tons of doctor visits and new medications, this sweet girl is dealing with more than anyone should have to. Little kids are dealing with cancer, enduring more in their little bodies than a lot of us ever will. The news is full of horrific stories of loss, pain and need. And I started to feel guilty. What I am suffering with is nothing compared to those poor souls. Who am I to pray about my stomach issues, my kids C in science, my frustrations with doing the same exact chores day after day; when others are dealing with so much more? Do my seemingly, small in comparison troubles even matter to God when so many others have more pressing issues? Should I even bother raising my prayers to Him about my life when others appear to need Him so much more?

Sure, it's good to realize your needs may be small compared to others. It's definitely a great idea to continually pray for those you know who are dealing with so much. To remember to count your blessings and hug you healthy children. But it's essential to know that God cares about your needs and wants to hear your prayers. He longs to comfort you and direct you as much as He cares about the needs of those you have termed more critical than you. In Philippians 4:6 we are told, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in EVERY SITUATION, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present you requests to God.” It doesn't say to only bring critical things to God. It says everything.

You can't take another day of having the responsibilities of being a parent even though you are doing it in a beautiful home with plenty of food? Take it to God. Pray for His strength. He is listening. He cares about your heart. Not that you are praying surrounded by a gorgeous living room rather than a hut or hospital room.

Not feeling well today? Pray about it. Feel His peace. Others may be in a harder spot than you, but that doesn't mean God loves you any less. It doesn't mean He puts your prayer to the side and forgets about you.

Feeling guilty about praying for you son's high temperature when you know little ones are battling with so much more? Pray about it. God's love isn't limited to only high level, critical needs.

God cares about you and your needs as if you were the only person here on Earth. He keeps up with the number of hairs on your head (Luke 12:7)!  When David wrote Psalm 56:8, he was going through a tough time. “You know I am very upset. You know how much I have cried. Surely you have kept an account of all my tears.” He used those words as a reminder that God doesn't miss one of our hurts. Not one. Not a small one, medium one or gigantic one. Pray to God about all things. It's not up to us to decide what is prayer worthy and what isn't. God will sort through and answer how He sees fit. You are His precious child and He loves to hear from you. Prayer is a gift that connects us to the Creator of the universe! It also honors Him because it lets Him know we realize who He is. What kind of relationship would you have with someone if you only communicated with them during tragedies? Not a close one, that's for sure. Don't reserve God for what you think is a God-sized problem. He cares for you. He views anything you face as a God-sized problem. Any hurt you have is a big deal to Him. Open up the lines of communication with the One who created you today. He is waiting to hear from you.

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