• Kate Clinton

Decor: Apple Crate Repurpose

DECOR: A great use (and easy project) for old apple crates. If I can do it, you can do it!

1. Pick out an apple crate at your local antique store. Make sure it is good and sturdy with little damage. 2. Grab a small piece of plywood from your local hardware store (thick enough to hold someone sitting on it) 3. Cut plywood to cover top of crate 4. Cover plywood piece with your favorite fabric and use a staple gun to attach it to bottom side of "lid" 5. Attach a second piece of fabric on bottom side of lid to cover messy folds and staples 6. Attach lid to top of crate using decorative hinges 7. Don't forget felt pads for bottom of the crate. Old apple crates can be rough on hardwood floors without protection 8. Enjoy having a quick place to store things, or a small bench seat for the little ones

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