• Kate Clinton

Can you Come Closer Mom?

Psalm 31:22 “I was afraid and said, 'I am in a place where He can not see me.' But I prayed to you and you heard my loud cries for help.”
After a family walk on a warm Sunday afternoon in October, Cade (6), wanted to jump a couple more times in the big leaf pile. The sun was just beginning to set on a beautiful Fall day. The leaves were gorgeous. Clothed in colors of yellow and orange. I didn't mind his request to stay outside for a little longer. I knew my nemesis, Winter, was right around the corner.

Cade was enjoying his gigantic jumps into the leaf pile. I was hoping he wouldn't end up with a broken bone. Boys don't jump gracefully. Dark started to set in and Cade started to worry where I was. I was outside with him, but the darker it got the closer he wanted me to be. “Mom, can you come here?” “Mom, can you come a little closer?” “I am right here,” I would reply. But as more darkness crept over the yard, the closer he wanted me to be. He heard my voice. But he couldn't see me until I moved closer. Did he think I would sneak farther away? Or worse yet, leave him out there all alone? I had never left him alone anywhere before. Which is quite an accomplishment, by the way, since he is Child #4. Maybe he kept asking so he knew I was there. He definitely wanted to be able to see me.

Don't we do that with God? The darker it gets the closer we want Him. If the light of day had been shining on Cade, he wouldn't have cared where I was. When life is good, it's easier not to need God. To go on our merry way. Does He allow times of darkness so we can remember we need Him? As the darkness increases in our lives, we pray, “Come a little closer, God.” “God, are you there? I need to see you.” The truth is that He is always there. He doesn't move or change. We do. I pray I can become a Christian that knows I need God in the light. That “good” times won't blind my need for prayer and Bible study. And that I will remember where God is in the dark. Right there with me. Never leaving me. Waiting for me to call out to Him.
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